Configure your fork

Travis CI

Travis is a Continuous Integration service, free for OpenSource projects (like Consul and it's forks). It will help you check on each Pull Request if the test suite is allright.

  1. Visit and click the "Install it for free" green button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Click on the "Complete order and begin installation" green button

  3. If you are asked to Authorize Travis CI to access your Github account, check the organization or user where you have your consul fork at the bottom and click the "Authorize travis-ci" button.

  4. Visita tu perfil en Travis y habilita Travis para tu fork de Consul en el listado de repositorios.

  5. Haz click en el icon de un piñón a la derecha del respositorio para ver las builds.

  6. Comprueba que todo está bien configurado creando un Pull Request de prueba (editar un simple fichero .md podría servir).

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